The Bigger Problem

I’m watching the polarization of people who are vaccinated and those that are unvaccinated. I’m watching the social shaming, the hatred amongst families, the disrespect for other human beings in our lives. Is it social media doing this or are we really the virus that Mr. Smith called Morpheus in The Matrix? Are we really inbred with such hate that it trumps any love there might be lingering?

I know all too well how it feels to be called delusional or not ‘following the science’. This is nothing new to me. I’ve always followed my gut when…

Good Morning everyone…

I was sent a video yesterday. It’s about JD Rockefeller. It’s an example of how greed and the obsession of money and power can take over someones soul. I want to share briefly my story as a Graphic Designer. Although I’ve never been hellbent on power or money, I have seen it around me more than a few times.

I was in advertising for several years of my life. As a Graphic Designer, it was how I made money. I was pretty good at what I did. I started out doing package design for toys. I would…

The Seven Hermetic Principles

I started studying these maybe 4 years ago or so? Hermes was a Greek god and one of the 12 Olympians who lived on Mount Olympus. To me, all of these Greek gods were actually here on this planet, not actually ‘gods’ but leaders of some sort, or an amalgamation of several people. I don’t know if I’d venture into saying that they were aliens or anything like that, but whoever ‘he’ was we know a few facts about mythology. We know that Homer’s Iliad, once thought of as fiction was found to be real. …

I want to talk to you about division.

Rumi said, “In the field of spirit there is no division. No individuals exist.”

No Individuals Exist.

Most Marine brothers and sisters that I know or that I’ve worked with, know this. We were trained to co-exist, despite our differences, to overcome a common enemy. We took an oath, whether foreign or domestic to protect and to serve. There is a bond between, regardless of age. We know we’ve got each others backs (I’ve got your 6). …

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This might fall on deaf ears but let’s give it a shot.




YOU ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS (We are all individuals) — The Life of Brian

Throughout the ages there have been people in our history that have repeated these messages trying to get us to think for ourselves. They have tried, and unfortunately failed.

Why have we failed?

I believe, because the masses, generally speaking, are lazy. It’s easier to…

How did ‘Normal’ serve you?

There has been a social divide about vaccines that I’ve been watching lately, as I’m sure you have seen as well. Whether you decide that it is good for you or not, I encourage you to do your own research, and most of all… make the decision based on your gut and not what everyone else is doing around you, or to be pressured into it against your own inner truth.

I’ve been encouraged, either by the media or by people who religiously got their flu shot every year, to take the shot. I would…

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Today is Martin Luther King Day. MLK once said, “Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”

Being peaceful is much more difficult than being violent or angry. How many of you have had a hard time biting your tongue from time to time? You’ve had to restrain yourself, teach yourself to breathe, and bring yourself back to a state of calm. I can say this because I struggle with this as well. I mostly struggle with it in relationships, I confess. …

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What is our true purpose here? Are we here to make a quick buck, have kids, watch football, and then die? I choose not to believe that but I’m fighting against a society that completely buys into that foggy dream.

I watch people busy their lives doing things that they don’t want to do because everyone else convinces them that they have to be miserable just like them.

“The love of Money is the root of all evil.”

Money used to be used as a tool for trade but all I see it as now is a tool for greed…

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…And How to Live it at All Costs

The past is the past. Whatever happened then is no longer relevant in my life. I can say that with the utmost truth as if whatever happened in the past was a dream, a ‘story’, that I lived, or my perception of what I lived. My past ‘story’ is not my present truth.

When our truth starts to unfold there is no longer a need to validate our truth. Just living our truth is the only path. I’m not saying that whatever happened in my past didn’t affect me… not at all. What I’m saying is, that whatever happened in…

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The world needs more lerts

That is one of my favorite sayings and a bumper sticker that I used to have eons ago.

Be alert for all of the opportunities that come up around us. Be aware and allow the world’s energy to flow around us and to not attach ourselves to unnecessary people or things. I know that in my past I would see something shiny and I would attach myself to it.

We are lightbulbs in a world of moths.

The moths being the mindless creatures that are looking for something outside of themselves.

Spoiler — There is…

David Reed Watson

Singer/Songwriter/Reiki Master/ Human ‘Be’ing

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