David Reed Watson
2 min readSep 13, 2021


The Bigger Problem

I’m watching the polarization of people who are vaccinated and those that are unvaccinated. I’m watching the social shaming, the hatred amongst families, the disrespect for other human beings in our lives. Is it social media doing this or are we really the virus that Mr. Smith called Morpheus in The Matrix? Are we really inbred with such hate that it trumps any love there might be lingering?

I know all too well how it feels to be called delusional or not ‘following the science’. This is nothing new to me. I’ve always followed my gut when it comes to the injustices around the world. I vote Green even when I’m told I’m throwing away my vote. I support kids like Greta Thunberg even though people say she has been bought and paid for. I follow Native American leaders in communities like Standing Rock even though some will say they are the ones in the wrong. So, yes… I’m used to the persecution. Im used to fighting this battle with the few.

Is it that difficult to see the bigger picture? Do you not see garbage cans flowing over and wondering where it will all go? Do you not see the barges off the coast of NYC filled with garbage? Do you not see the waste from Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc., or do you disregard it so that you have the comforts that you need?

Do you not see big Pharma killing people with prescription drugs as their profits soar? Do you not see these same companies pretending to be our saviors during this crisis?

Do you not see politicians becoming more powerful as we become weakened to their destructive growth? Do you not see them only bowing down to corporations for their money?

Do you feel like you don’t have a voice anymore?

Or is it that you really don’t care?

Keep pointing the finger at everyone except yourself. Keep up the hate. Keep ignoring the real issues and we will inevitably all perish. We won’t need to worry about a virus anymore.

There is a story told by a Native American Shaman about how the 4 leggeds were so fed up with the 2 leggeds disregard for anything that the four leggeds decided to wipe out the 2 leggeds with viruses so that they could finally have peace again. These viruses didn’t work because the 2 leggeds were very resourceful in saving themselves. The 4 leggeds.

Have the 4 leggeds finally found a virus to wipe us out? It’s possible.

The other possibility is that we could finally learn our lesson. We can finally see how our greed, our blatant disregard for our environment, our destructive behavior has made us creatures not worthy of living on this planet.

It is time to Wake Up.

Will you join me?